Connecting to the main computer gtlab

Should I work on gtlab or on my own machine?

If you have one of the project macs set up for you, you have all tools on your own machine, and you may as well work offline. In that case, you use the SVN program to get the latest versions of the files from the central computer gtlab, and thereafter you use the tools on your own machine, as described in the Tools section.

If you do not have the Xerox tools installed on your local machine, you must be connected to gtlab in order to compile the program, and in order to use it.

Connecting to gtlab

Mac users

Mac users have built-in SSH and a terminal application. Just open the terminal, and type ssh at your prompt (where 'username' is your own user name at gtlab).

Linux users

Linux users use the same ssh command as was described for Mac OSX above.

Windows users

Windows users may e.g. use putty.exe. Remember to connect via ssh, not via Telnet. After we switched to Sámi letters internally, putty is not an ideal solution, since it for some reason is not able to write the letter č (all other Sámi letters work). (TODO: Check other terminal programs for Windows)

Note that Putty is set up with an 8-bit code page as default. You have to change it to UTF-8, via the menu SETTINGS / ENCODING / UTF-8 / (finn fram ei Windowsmaskin og FIKS DENNE STIEN).

Reading the documentation

In order to read the documentation offline, you must have a program called forrest installed (se separate forrest documentation).

Editing files

Do not use Microsoft Word or any other word processor. Word processors and text editors are two different things. Word processors are made to let the text look nice, text editors are made to edit text. In this project, we edit text. Word processors add secret code that makes text nice, but this code only crashes our programs and hampers our work.

There is separate documentation on editors on the Tools page.

Downloading files

For downloading files on Windows, see the description on the putty page.

For downloading files on Linux and Mac, use the scp procedure. On the command line on your local Linux PC, write (supposing your user name is trond) and you want to copy this file to your local machine and call it off.xml:

scp off.xml

In order to copy files to gtlab, just switch the arguments.


What may go wrong?

I connect via putty or NiftyTelnet, but do not get any "username" prompt
  1. There may be a firewall active. Contact your system administrator
  2. Perhaps you forgot to use SSH instead of Telnet
  3. Perhaps you are not on the internet
More trouble..?
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