How To Enable Tags In Natural Languages

To enable tags in a natural language instead of the quite cryptic tags we normally use (like +N etc.), you need to do the following:

  1. add a regex file in $GTLANG/src/tagsets/
  2. specify the regex file and the corresponding fst's in $GTLANG/src/tagsets/
  3. specify the name of the fst's with the new tags as targets in $GTLANG/src/

The name of the regexes and the name of the localised fst's are related, such that tagsets/foo.regex corresponds to analyser-foo-desc.hfst etc. Typically you would want to use the language code of the natural language the tags are written in.

In more detail

Add a regex file

Since the natural language of the tags will vary a lot depending on the language of the analyser, the regex is language specific. But to get a starting point, have a look at langs/sme/, or use it as a starting point:

cp langs/sme/src/tagsets/nob.regex langs/YOURLANG/src/tagsets/LANGCODE.regex

Replace YOURLANG and LANGCODE with the relevant language codes. Then start to edit the file to get what you want. For North Sami (sme) we have tags in Norwegian Bokmål (nob).

Specify renaming regex and fst files

For the build system to properly build the fst's that are going to change the tags, you need to tell it that there is a source file and some targets to be built. This you specify in $GTLANG/src/tagsets/

Open this file, and list the source file(s) in the variable GT_TAGSET_SRCS. Then list the hfst and xfst targets in the appropriate sections for the variable GT_TAGSETS.

In the North Sami case, these files are named: nob.regex, nob.hfst and nob.xfst.

Specify the new analysers and generators

You also need to tell the build system that you have a new set of analysers and generators you want to build. This is done in the file $GTLANG/src/ For North Sami, we want to build e.g. the file analyser-nob-desc.hfst. You tell the build system this by adding that name to the variable GT_ANALYSERS_HFST. And similar for other files. Have a look at North Sámi to see how it is done for the rest of the analysers and generators you may want.

When these three steps are done, you can type make, and you should soon be greeted with a new set of analysers and generators!