Getting Started With The New Infra

Installation and setup

The required steps for setting up the computer and installing the auxiliary programs needed are described in our Getting Started guide.

Check out the source code for language modelling

  1. First, decide what language(s) you are interested in working on, from the following list
  2. The alphabetic list on the page gives the ISO code of all the languages
  3. Then go to the page of the source code: Let us say you are interested in Eastern Mari. The ISO code is 'mhr ', and the address is Exchange mhr with the code of the language you want.
  4. The GitHub page will show an INSTALLATION file with instructions. You may also see this page for more specific instructions (start at point 2).

Getting started with your language

When you have installed and checked out qw explained above, do the following:

cd $HOME/giella/fin
./ -l

(replace fin, the code for Finnish, with the language(s) you checked out). Now you are ready to start working. More info about where to find the different pieces of source code can be found on this page.

NOTE that the command ./configure assume that you checked out the Xerox compilers (see the Getting s

To build the transducers and other tools for linguistic analysis, do:


To run the preinstalled tests, do:

make check


You may encounter troubles with your CLASSPATH. We are working on it, here is a fix if the compiler complains it is not set: In the langs directory, write export CLASSPATH=.

Happy linguistic coding!