Guidelines for semantic double-tagging of names

Editing principles for semantic subcategorisation of proper nouns

The tags used are the following: +Sem/Ani ; +Sem/Fem ; +Sem/Mal ; +Sem/Obj ; +Sem/Org ; +Sem/Plc ; +Sem/Sur. Four of these stand in a certain relationship to each other, according to the following rules:

  • If +Sem/Plc, then +Sem/Sur, except for Saami placenames

This means that every Plc, by default, also is a Sur, but not vice versa, and that every Obj also is an Org, but not vice versa. Double tags -surplc and -objorg should thus be regrouped to plc and obj, and the sur and org, respectively, should follow as an automatic concequence.

Other combination tags (objplc, femsur, malfem, objplc, orgsur, malplc, surmal, femplc) are lexical, and should be expanded as described otherwise.