Dictionary Manipulation

Compilation is documented elsewhere, for Interactive dictionaries and Web dictionaries.

Dictionary scripts

  • dtds are in main/words/dicts/scripts
  • Dictionary-specific scripts are in main/words/dicts/LANG1LANG2

Changing dictionary direction from LANG1LANG2 to LANG2LANG1

Script is in main/words/dicts/upside2down/

  1. Collect all LANG1 files into one with main/words/dicts/scripts/collect-dict-parts.xsl
  2. Run the conversion with the scommand below (exchange sjdrus with whatever)
java -Xmx2048m net.sf.saxon.Transform -it:main gt_sd2td.xsl inFile=all-merged-pos_sjdrus.xml
java -Xmx2048m net.sf.saxon.Transform -it:main gt_mergeEntry_pos_td.xsl inFile=outDir/all-merged-pos_sjdrus_rus.xml