Basic info

Original source file editing

Removed irrelevant keys using Inkscape, saved remaining key cap as pdf, imported into OmniGraffle for further editing and adaptation.

OmniGraffle edits

  • added letters
  • exported as png with high resolution

Text is 120 point, vertically centered, and then lifted using text offset Y -6%.

Other tidbits

To convert the large-resolutio png with alpha to a useful iTunes art, do as follows:

$ convert images/Sami-icon3.png -background white -alpha remove -resize 1024x1024 images/Sami-icon-1024.png

To create the app store / Google play icon, do as follows:

$ convert images/Sami-icon3.png -resize 512x512 images/Sami-icon-120.png

Adjust the size parameter as needed in each case.