Morphological disambiguation

Our disambiguator: vislcg3

The project uses Eckhard Bick and Tino Dideriksens vislcg3, a compiler for constraint grammar, a formalism originally developed by a.o. Fred Karlsson and Pasi Tapanainen at the University of Helsinki. Cf. our introduction to how to write disambiguation files

We have developed grammars (=files) for morphological disambiguation (disambiguation.cg3) syntactic function assignment (functions.cg3) and dependency assignment (dependency.cg3) for many of the languages we are working with. Have a look at the documentation pages for each individual language. For each language, the What is This link will indicate how much work has been done on the language in question.

The three generations of constraint grammar parsers

  1. The original CG formalism was developed by Fred Karlsson, at Dept. of Linguistics in Helsinki, it is presented in Karlsson et al. 1995.
  2. A new version of CG, called CG-2, was developed by Pasi Tapanainen, cf. Tapanainen 1996. It is maintained by Connexor. vislcg, an open source implementation of CG-2, at This parser is available for download ad sourceforge, here, but not maintained any more.
  3. vislcg3, the third generation of CG compilers, is being developed at

Links to old documentation

A Constraint Grammar bibliography