Testing the disambiguator

Tokens =    Number of tokens in the text 
            (cat file.txt | preprocess --abbr=bin/abbr.txt | wc -l)
            (or: "ccat -l sme -r" instead of "cat", if input is corpus files in our xml format)
Parses =    Number of parses given (number of the following command, minus the
            number of tokens)
            (cat file.txt | preprocess --abbr=bin/abbr.txt | lookup -flags mbTT
            -utf8 bin/sme.fst | lookup2cg | vislcg3 --g=src/sme-dis.rle | wc -l
CorrTag =   Number of tokens that did not have their correct tag removed
            (This number must be manually arrived at: Tokens - errouneous_analyses
Ambiguity = #Parses / #Tokens
Precision = #CorrTag / # Parses
Recall =    #CorrTag / # Tokens