Monday Notes

Here are the monday notes, links to be moved.



  • Outsource the development?

Possible improvements:

  • Enhance the lexicon with frequency information
  • Adding much more spellrelax to Leksa
  • Color the letters that are right, resp. wrong in the user's answer that is almost correct.
  • Add spellchecker
  • Sound (either read, or synthetic speech)
  • Picture
  • Self-made association clues
  • Prioritate words the user didn't know
  • Repetion algorithm


Read aloud the sentences (synthetic speech)

Pronunciation exercises

CALST pronunciation/sound program

  1. System speaks
  2. Student speaks
  3. Student listens to own pronunciation
  4. The system might even give feedback on the error (segment length..)
  5. Choose the correct written form



  • the user makes his own flashcards or download what others have done
  • the user decides how hard/easy the word was => repetion algorithm
  • the user downloads it, uses it offline
  • open source


"Fluent forever"

No repetition function

Anki, Mnemonise

Space repetition is much more efficient than going through all cards again

Anki calculated the time span


picture one side Northern Saami on the other side No Norwegian, English, anywhere

You report how well you remembered it (1, 2, 3) Intervals: now, an hour, tomorrow, next week, month, year We already know the intervals




Anki asks, I have to think We should be able to integrate user input

Duo Lingo

  • Ready made flashcards of different kinds,
  • presented mixed, tests, discussion pages
  • repetition algorithm?
  • the user uses it online, or can download an app
  • not open-source, but free to use


  • anyone can upload content
  • not open-source
  • judge the time you use adding answer
  • have to be online


  • teacher makes tasks
  • different kind of tasks:
    • vocabulary learning
    • dictate
    • writing
    • tests
    • game
  • Quizlet example

Research should be done if we want to improve Leksa:

  • study the usage logs (what kind of errors have the students made?)
    • which algoritms could give more feedback to the user, instead of just right/wrong
  • how to choose the words based on the user's progress

Variation across the Oahpas so far

The file

tf-hsl-m0016:ped ttr000$ wc -l *_oahpa/*_drill/ |sort -nr
    1658 rus_oahpa/rus_drill/
    1655 crk_oahpa/crk_drill/
    1621 hdn_oahpa/hdn_drill/
    1618 univ_oahpa/univ_drill/
    1618 davvi_oahpa/davvi_drill/
    1604 est_oahpa/est_drill/
    1582 vro_oahpa/vro_drill/
    1564 vep_oahpa/vep_drill/
    1564 udm_oahpa/udm_drill/
    1564 sms_oahpa/sms_drill/
    1564 olo_oahpa/olo_drill/
    1564 mhr_oahpa/mhr_drill/
    1564 mdf_oahpa/mdf_drill/
    1564 izh_oahpa/izh_drill/
    1564 bxr_oahpa/bxr_drill/
    1563 mrj_oahpa/mrj_drill/
    1559 liv_oahpa/liv_drill/
    1553 rup_oahpa/rup_drill/
    1553 myv_oahpa/myv_drill/
    1535 fkv_oahpa/fkv_drill/
    1498 yrk_oahpa/yrk_drill/
    1497 smn_oahpa/smn_drill/
    1497 sjd_oahpa/sjd_drill/
    1497 kpv_oahpa/kpv_drill/
    1185 sms_oahpa/fst_drill/
     919 nu_oahpa/nu_drill/

The database installation

tf-hsl-m0016:ped ttr000$ wc -l *_oahpa/ |sort -nr
     157 rus_oahpa/
     149 davvi_oahpa/
     144 crk_oahpa/
     143 univ_oahpa/
     142 hdn_oahpa/
     139 yrk_oahpa/
     139 sms_oahpa/
     139 smn_oahpa/
     139 sjd_oahpa/
     139 rup_oahpa/
     139 myv_oahpa/
     139 kpv_oahpa/
     138 vro_oahpa/
     138 vep_oahpa/
     138 udm_oahpa/
     138 olo_oahpa/
     138 mrj_oahpa/
     138 mhr_oahpa/
     138 mdf_oahpa/
     138 liv_oahpa/
     138 izh_oahpa/
     138 fkv_oahpa/
     138 est_oahpa/
     138 bxr_oahpa/
     135 nu_oahpa/