Restarting the httpd server on gtweb-01

(For interactive linguistic analysers' malfunctioning, see the bottom of the page)

On gtweb-01, two httpd services are used. nginx is the primary system for serving all projects, however apache/httpd is used to run certain CGI and MT scripts which Nginx does not have support for. This is done via reverse proxy. apache/httpd thus doesn't run on port 80, rather nginx does, and certain requests are passed off to apache internally.

In case of emergencies...

On gtweb-01, if for some reason the processes do not restart via chkconfig, inspect via

    ps aux



to find out what is or isn't running.

Once missing processes have been identified, the proper order that all services should be started in (given dependencies between them) is:

  • mysqld
  • nginx
  • httpd
  • gielese-mongodb
  • gielese

For this use the command

    sudo service NAME start

, or alternatively restart, if necessary.

    sudo service mysqld start
    sudo service nginx start
    sudo service httpd start

For further documentation on this, see the various sections in common httpdserver.

Restarting the mt processes on gtweb-01

Restart is still not documented, but have a look at the page for installing mt on gtweb

Apache/httpd (victorio)

The following documentation was taken from the old victorio documentation, but may be relevant for gtweb-01 as well: (TODO: check)

Updates to the code require restart of the httpd-server. Sometimes updates to the localisation require that too. The restart is otherwise harmless, but may distrub someone who is playing the came (although that is not very probable).

Restarting the server (requires sudo rights):

    sudo /etc/init.d/httpd restart

Earlier, there was a memory leak problem, which should not be among us anymore. However if victorio is very slow, check the memory by writing:

    ps aux | grep http

If the result indicates memory use too close to 100, this is a clear problem indication. The answer is to restart the apache web server, and thereafter, if need, to restart mysqld.

If the webserver takes too much memory, you may also want to stop apache first, and then myql, and then starting them again:

    sudo /etc/init.d/httpd stop
    sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld stop
    sudo /etc/init.d/httpd start
    sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start

eXist-db restart

    sudo service eXist-db start

Interactive web analysers are down

A server reboot should not affect the web servers. After the reboot, the web servers are automatically running again.

Eventual malfunctioning here is due to errors in the pipeline being used by the analysers. The documentation is found on the cgi-bin documentation page

If jorgal is down

The page may give the message Oversettelse ikke tilgjengelig!

This command should help:

  ssh -t gtweb
  sudo systemctl restart apy