In general, the database does not have to be directly accessed, but sometimes it is necessary. The database tables created by Django may be updated, removed and so on using mysql directly. The name of the database is oahpa, username and password are available from ..

Sometimes, there may be a problem with the mysqld (a clear indication of a problem is that the games are not working at all). It may be that mysqld has stopped working. Start it again:

sudo service mysqld start

Dump and import

In order to dump the database into a format that can be imported directly into another mysql database server:

mysqldump --compatible=ansi --single-transaction --add-drop-table --set-charset -u USERNAME DATABASENAME -p > database_dump.sql

You will be prompted for the user's password, and the dump will begin. By default, the dump is produced in stdout, thus it's good to pipe the output to a file.

In order to skip a few steps, another possibility is to execute the command via SSH and pipe the results directly into a database, _overwriting_ the contents.

ssh user@hostname "mysqldump --compatible=ansi --other-options-etc" | python dbshell

You may be prompted for both the password to the source database, and the password to the target database, so it can be a good idea to test the parts of the process to see. In any case, this provides the means to quickly copy the database between servers via a secure protocol, and with no storage of temporary files which would contain sensitive data, such as passwords.