In case of emergencies...

This document deals with restarting httpd services on, i.e. the oahpa versions and konteaksta on gtoahpa-01.

For the other virtual machines, see Restarting gtweb, see Restarting gtdict and Restarting gtlab

On gtoahpa-01, gtweb-01, gtdict and gtlab, we use nginx for serving HTML and other applications. See how to restart nginx itself if needed (after an ordinary update it is not needed).

Restarting Oahpa versions on gtoahpa

Log in to gtoahpa-01. The following is the list of Oahpas on gtoahpa-01 as of 14.04.2020:

Oahpa nameLanguageURL
crk_oahpa Plains Cree
est_oahpa Estonian
fkv_oahpa Kven
myv_oahpa Erzya
sjd_oahpa Kildin Saami
sma_oahpa South Saami
sme_oahpa North Saami
smn_oahpa Inari Saami
sms_oahpa Skolt Saami
vro_oahpa Voro

Restarting on the old gtoahpa:

Once an Oahpa version is down, it must be restarted. As root write:

    touch /etc/uwsgi/sites/XXX_OAHPA.ini

where XXX_OAHPA.ini is the relevant name from one of the following:


If only an Oahpa version has been down, this is enough. If the server has been totally down, you may need to start more. Here is the full list of services that should be started, in this order (there are dependencies between them):

  1. mysqld
  2. nginx
  3. php-fpm

For each of the processes listed, issue (anywhere on the system) the command

    sudo service NAME restart

Thus, sudo service mysqld restart, etc.

After that, run all the Oahpa restarting commands:

    touch /etc/uwsgi/sites/XXX_OAHPA.ini

Restarting Konteaksta

Konteaksta is running on the Tomcat web server. After upgrade of gtoahpa-01, as well as adding new components to Konteaksta, it is always recommended to restart Konteaksta (the script compiles the Konteaksta source code, redeploys it on Tomcat and restarts Tomcat). Restarting Konteaksta is also the first thing to try if the url gives "server error", e.g. "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.".

To restart Konteaksta:

Log in to gtoahpa-01 and issue the following commands:

    sudo su teaksta
    svn up

Sometimes the restart of the Tomcat web server is needed as well:

    cd $CATALINA_HOME/bin