Project Planning


  • Hanna
  • Michael


  • Freiburg


  • 8 April 2014, 1–3pm

Topic 1: presentation of planned pilot study by Hanna

  • N-Kurdish, ~14.000 words, 7 texts recorded ~50-100 years ago, transcribed and translated (no original audio)
  • creating ELAN -files of the digitized transcription, devided into sentences (work finished)
  • manually annotating according to GRAID conventions (work started)
  • analyzes (work planned to be done in April)

Topic 2: discussion

  • possible improvements in ELAN-tier structure (according to other Freiburg corpus projects
  • possible workflows for collaborative work between Freiburg, Bamberg, Tromsø
  • language for second pilot study will be Skolt Saami (Lagercrantz-texts digitized by Julia)

Open questions:

  • where to store our working copies of the ELAN -files: SVN, Git-Hub, TLA, other?, preliminary solution is Dropbox
  • can we use computational linguistic tools for (semi-) automatic annotation of Kurdish?
  • which other Kurdish languages to include in the final study?
  • which other Saami languages to include in the final study?


  • Hanna checks copyright issues for the Kurdish texts
  • Hanna checks wether or not there are any computational linguistic tools available for Kurdish
  • Micha adjusts the ELAN -tier structure once the annotations of the first file are completed

Next meeting: