Infrastructure setup and Project planning


  • Andrej (FU-Lab)
  • Ene (FU-Lab)
  • Marina
  • Michael
  • Niko
  • Rogier
  • Vasili


  • Syktyvkar (several meetings and discussions during)


  • 17-18 March 2014


  • IKDP presentation
  • FU-Lab presentation
  • General dates and places for fieldwork
  • Setup of Marina's/Vasili's notebooks

Agreement on Work flow for ELAN-annotations:

  • Vasili/Marina<-->FU-LAB<-->Freiburg/München
  • copies of multimedia-files will be stored locally on all machines
  • Github (https://github.com/fu-lab/izma) for subversioning of ELAN-transcriptions
  • Niko prepares ELAN files (utterance segmentation)
  • Vasili transcribes in Komi orthography
  • Marina checks transcriptions and translates into Russian
  • Andrej helps with Github and general computer questions in Syktyvkar
  • Documentation (in Russian) will be written by Niko and Michael on http://wiki.komikyv.ru

Open questions:

  • How can we make use of the Komi hunspell while transcribing? (ELAN has no spellchecking built in.)

Next meeting:

  • April (Göttingen)