Misc for IKDP, KSDP and PSDP


  • Alexandra
  • Joshua
  • Niko
  • Michael


  • Freiburg


  • 7 May 2014, 2–4pm


  • Niko informed about IKDP's current workflow for content data annotation in ELAN
    • Github works for all participants in Syktyvkar, München, Freiburg
    • Master copies of multimedia files are stored at TLA, with copies on all local machines
    • During the work with annotations, ELAN-files are only stored at Github
    • Finished ELAN-files are archived at TLA and removed from Github
    • Niko: ELAN-files for transcription are created and stored at Github
    • Niko: Segmentation into utterances
    • Niko: Preliminary transcription and English translation
    • Vasja: Transcription and Russian translation
    • Marina: Checking transcription and Russian translation
    • Rogier: Checking English translation
  • Discussion about IKDP's sociolinguistic meta data annotation, which is also relevant for the other projects
    • postponed

Next meeting:

  • 21 May Freiburg