iChat AV through firewalls

Howto iChat through firewalls

While Mac's iChat (from 10.8 onwards iMessage) group text chats work from inside certain fire walls, audio and video group chats don't always work. To make them work, their trafic has to go through a proxy. This document describes how to set this up on Mac OS X, using SquidMan.

  1. Fetch SquidMan: http://homepage.mac.com/adg/SquidMan/index.html
  2. Install SquidMan by dropping it into the Applications folder
  3. Start SquidMan, and press Start in SquidMan window
  4. Disconnect all active connections in iChat
  5. Open Preferences in iChat (Command + ,)
  6. Press the Accounts button, then your AIM/.Mac account name, then Server properties.
  7. Activate Connect through proxy
  8. Write in the Server field
  9. Write 8080 into the Port field
  10. Activate http in the protocol field
  11. Try connecting to the iChat server again, by setting your status to Available

If you aren't able to connect, go through the above list. If it still doesn't work, contact Børre ...