Lexc Course

This document gives an overview of the lexc course 7-11.1. 2013 in Helsinki.

  • Place: University of Helsinki, Metsätalo, huone 25:5th floor, (5. krs)
  • Time: January 7th - 11th, 9-12, 13-16
  • Participants

Course plan

Monday - Tuesday

  • Intro: What do you know about everything? (Jack)
  • Installation (all)
  • infrastructure intro (Sjur)
    • using the analysers
  • Lexc intro -- with toy lexicon for your own lg (Trond)
  • Twolc intro -- (Jack) ... also with examples from your own language


  • Learn to read your code (Jack)
  • Learn to test your transducer (yaml, missing) (Sjur)
  • Start doing Real Work (groups:all)
    • add words to the lexicon, build & test
    • solve twolc problems
    • plan lexc solutions
    • add tests for specific areas of morpho/phonol.

Linguistic resources

Requirements for the students

To be done as far as possible before the course starts

  • install XCode (via Mac App Store - free download, but requires an account)
  • install xerox tools (fsmbook.com)
  • install hfst tools (see first link below)
  • install newinfra (see first link below)
  • look at the individual languages

Everything is (and should be) listed here:

Goals for the course

  1. Learn unix command line basics
  2. Get to know the newinfra setup
  3. Learn svn
  4. Learn work routines
    1. Testing (write yaml tests to help the twolc development)
  5. Learn twolc and lexc basics
  6. Having a look around at what is actually being done on the infrastructure
  7. Read and understand the existing source code of my language

Literature, references

Jos haluat taustatieto: Tärkein kirja on Beesley & Karttunen.

Kurssin ydin on kielioppi-ohjelmointikielten (twolc, lexc) peruskurssi. Esimerkki aikaisemmista, samantyyppisista kursseista:

(Meidän kurssi ei tule olemaan aivan uhtä tekninen.)


... hmm, siihen meillä vielä ei ole dokumentaatio. Tässä hakemistolista:

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