Spanish Nort Saami

This dictionary was made by Kjell Kemi and Angel Diaz de Rada.

Plan as of september 2018:

  1. EXCEL is now a stable form of our output, so that it will be maintained in future sendings as it is in this part (a-curvo).
  2. In future sendings, we will simply send new versions of EXCEL-WORD files exactly in this same structure. The new versions will include more words-lemmas, and eventually some corrections; but always the same structure. Please, consider if this procedure is adequate for your implementation.
  3. The structures of esp-sme and sme-esp parts are some different. Anyway, we are first working on the esp-sme part.
  4. Future sendings will include a big amount of new words-lemmas. This means that UiT are not receiving constantly new versions.
  5. Needed paradigms are:
    1. verb conjugation (this is the most important one). An example of the output needed: You access the Web Dictionary of the Real Academy of Spanish here: -- If you search, for example: investigar verb, you will find the button conjugar beside the word. You push conjugar and the whole conjugation paradigm pops-up. This function implemented, the inflection part can be obviated in NDS.
    2. noun gender
    3. adjective gender

Information about the meaning of abbreviations should be also necessary. The list is in words/dicts/spasme/inc/orig That list if abbreviations is now complete and unitary both for sam-esp and esp-sam. Perhaps it could be implemented so that information poped-up when mouse is over the abbreviation.

Work plan at Giellatekno:

  1. Ciprian to convert EXCEL to NDS-type xml, for spa-sme
  2. Chiara to set up a new language pair, spa-sme in (evt. consider whether it is easier to set up both directions at once)
  3. Trond and Sjur to look into the FST, and also into a "full paradigm generation" page
  4. Chiara to look in to the conjugation table for NDS