Checklist for new workers

This document contains a checklist of what new project workers should have up and running, and should be familiar with.

See also the install overview (hmm, overlap here?, well, this document is primarily for the user, the other for the sys admin).

Programs, technical things

The project is kept at the university computer victorio. Here, it is assumed that you work on a local Macintosh.

  • Programs – the following programs should be installed on your machine:
    • Linguistic programs (Xerox tools lexc, twolc, xfst, lookup, tokenize; kwic-snt, vislcg3)
    • Editing programs (SubEthaEdit, XMLEditor)
    • Communication programs (Unison, Thunderbirt or another newsreader; iChat or another IM client; a mail client)
    • Other programs: Version control (svn)
  • User accounts
    • You need a user account and password to victorio
    • You need to install and set up svn, and you need an svn password
    • You need an AIM account for iChat
    • You need a Bugzilla account
    • You need a Skype account
  • Settings (You need to set up some environment files)
    • .bashrc or similar on your Mac
    • .bashrc or similar and .emacs on victorio
  • On the project, we communicate with each other via the following channels:
    • iChat
    • SubEthaEdit
    • Our newsgroup at
    • Via the editing messages in svn
    • Via our bug database Bugzilla
    • At our meetings, cf. the meeting minutes here
  • The programs and their usage are documented under the Tools and Bugzilla tabs at the main technical documentation page