The Uralic keyboard project

The goal of this project is to contribute to the creation of good and efficient keyboards for minority languages, especially in Russia.

The project has a documentation page on Giellawiki. Use that page, the info here will not be updated, and it is (for the moment) kept for reference only.

Obsolete documentation

Background documents

Keyboard layouts for Kildin

Keyboard layouts for Komi

Letter frequencies

Letter frequencies in running text for:

Meadow Mari  ~  Hill Mari  ~  Komi Permyak  ~  Komi Zyrian  ~  Udmurt  ~  Kildin Sami text  ~  Kildin Sami lemma

For reference, consider also the Russian letter frequency.

These data are based upon the respective Wikipedias, except the Kildin ones, who come in two versions: A smaller text corpus, from Facebook plus a small collection of stories, and a larger lemma corpus, based upon the lemma list of Kuruch's dictionary.

Other keyboards

Alphabet overview

The following overview is taken from Michael Everson's The Alphabets of Europe

Hill Mari  ~  Meadow Mari  ~  Komi Permyak  ~  Komi Zyrian  ~  Udmurt  ~  Kildin Sami