Documentation for Norwegian Nynorsk keyboards

Why a nynorsk keyboard? «There is already Norwegian keyboards everywhere» you may point out. That is of course absolutely true, and for desktop systems there is no need for a nynorsk Norwegian keyboard. For mobile systems, though, the situation is different. There are Norwegian keyboards, but they are always bokmål keyboards, and spell checking and word completion works really bad. That is, reason number one is to be able to provide a better writing experience for nynorsk writers on mobile systems when we have support for spellers, word completion etc. Not there yet, but we are working on it.

The second reason, and the main reason for building the Runic variant (besides the fun of it), is to test our keyboard infrastructure, and make sure it works properly for alternative writing systems. I.e. this is done to test both our code and infra, and how well the host operating systems and applications are playing along when presented with things a bit outside the standard. Most of our languages are a bit outside the standard majority languages.


The Readme accompagnying the installer can be read here.


Download keyboard installers

Other information

There is a plan for the Runic keyboards (in Norwegian).