Documentation for Võro keyboards


The Readme accompagnying the installer can be read here.



Windows restrictions

Due to limitations in MS' keyboard driver implementation, it is not possible to make a deadkey that would output the following six letters (and their uppercase version):

All other accented letters are available via a deadkey just to the left of the delete key - type the deadkey, then type the letter you want (see the layout for details).

For the six letters above you instead do the following:

  1. type your base character, e.g. "v"
  2. type shift-deadkey (this produces a combining diacritic "´")
  3. the end result should be the letter "v́"

This limitation only applies to Windows. On macOS and Linux the deadkey should work for all letters.

An alternative typing approach that works the same across all platforms is to type AltGr + base char to get the accented letter. See the keyboard layout definition for details of where the letters are located.

Version history

Windows (27.8.2017):
  • Based Windows layout on estonian Windows layout, to make sure technical symbols are in the expected location
  • Major improvements to the installer based on new code and bug fixes in the kbdgen code
Bug fixes
First public release