Samest meeting, 4.9.2014 Present: Heiki, Heli, Jaak, Neeme, Sjur


  • The physical meeting in Tartu
  • FST
  • Next meeting

The physical meeting

  • The meeting room J.Liivi 2-225 has been booked for 29.-30.09. full days + 1.10. half day.
  • talk by Inari Monday at 14.00 - 16.00, open to everyone
  • One focus of the phycial meeting would be the fst: to move it forward as much as possible

TODO Trond, Heiki and Heli put together the detailed program of the meeting.


Major change of the fst: would like to do it all at once:

  • better understanding of the new tags (Jaak)
  • build a conversion script
  • do the conversion
  • check the conversion and resulting fst's

TODO Jaak and Heiki need to sit down and work on the tag conversion. They will meet at the end of next week.

Next meeting

18.9. at 12.00 Norwegian time