Samest meeting 18. April 2016

Participants: Heiki, Heli, Jaak, Jack, Tiina, Trond.


  • Status
  • Information
  • Next meeting




No meeting yet. People: Tiina, Trond, Lene, Fran.


Jaak and H-J discussion on adjusting est to giella Heiki-Jaan has been working on experimental-langs but not checked in. Jaska and Neeme worked on that, this may be adjusted or deleted ad lib.

Time task to be set up in next FST meeting next week.

Time frame: Deadline for having a working version


No meeting yet. Scheduled meeting: First week of May. H-J, Trond, Tiina, Fran.

Two suggestions:

  • Monday 0900 Estonian time
  • Monday 1600 Estonian time

Trond to negotiate with Fran.

MT is dependent upon:

  • est fst (for est2X and X2est)
  • fin cg (for fin2X) Thus MT should await the CG and FST meetings.


MorfaC verbs are started both for est and vro. The vro personal pronouns were not in the fst, but are now added.

The work is not yet online, due to this.


Work on the FST, verbs, continues. Next meeting this Wednesday.


  • Participation in finest meeting in the autumn? We will wait unless we have more to say.
  • Trond perhaps to participate in Norwegian MT meeting in June 8th, on Norwegian strategies for MT
  • 20. läänemeresoome sügiskonverents, 27.–29. oktoober 2016 Võru ?
    • We will consider this on Wednesday on Võru subgroup meeting. Deadline for short abstract: 30 April
  • iwclul, Uralic language technology, 2016

Publication topics

  • MT on sharing fin
  • Oahpa
  • Spell checker evaluation
  • FST in practice

Next meeting

May 19th 0900 Norwegian time