SAMEST-meeting 13.9.17

Present: Heiki-Jaan, Jaak, Sjur, Trond


  • Forthcoming presentation
  • Practicalities, meeting
  • Steps forward

Forthcoming presentation



  1. no demos
  2. demo from MT
  3. demo from Oahpa

Two demos are too much. Let us do one demo (?):

The point (e.g. showing Morfa-C):

  • This is dynamic (indefinite numbers of tasks)
  • This is based on grammar models that also may do other things
    • .. thus, perhaps show the Võro speller as well

So, the narrative:

  1. Marriage of infra and fst (slide 5)
  2. Demo oahpa (NB: Backup with slides in case no or bad net)
  3. Principles + extension
  4. Mention MT and do the short wife break (slide 12)
  5. Sum up did what was promised; work is continuing (considered as both/either good and/or bad)
slide 5 key Narrative slide
Estonians: ”have analysis, need infrastructure for applications” 
Norwegians: ”have infrastructure for applications, open for 
more languages to add” 
Outcome: ”Languages added, applications online, + new applications made for this project is reused for other languages as well”

Demo. Note: Keyboard or U+02BC modifier letter apostrophe

Slide 12 MT example
 echo ’Pitääkö vaimosi lyhyistä lomista ?’
| apertium -d .  n-est
Kas su naisele meeldivad lühikesed puhkused ? 
Google Translate:
Kas sul on naine lühikeste vahedega? 

Practicalities, meeting

Boat from Hki and Tartu in the morning


Steps forward

Heiki-Jaan to translate and fix on thursday, Trond to look at it on friday, both to have a look either on friday or early next week. Plan: Trond talk + Heiki-Jaan demo.