Komi disambiguator


Sentence delimiters are: "<.>" "<!>" "<?>" "<...>" "<¶>" sent

Tags and sets

Beginning and end of sentence



CmpTest Err вӧлі Sg3

Parts of speech tags

N V A Adv CC CS Inter Pron Num Pcle Clt Po Dem Qnt Prop

Derivation tags

Ex/A (former adj) Ex/N Ex/Num Ex/V Ex/WORD DerTag AspDerTag

Verbal categories

Prs Fut Fut1 Imprt Prt1 Prt2 Prf PrfIpf HstPrf PluPrf HstPluPrf Ind Imp Cond Opt

Sg1 Sg2 ...

Nominal categories Sg Pl Nom Gen Abl Dat Com Cns ...

Verb sets

VNEG (all Neg verbs)


ASKI (tomorrow set)

NOT-PRL (have no homograph Prolative pairs set)

Rule section

  • NoDerIfPossible removes all derivations
  • Dem selects Dem if N Nom to the right
  • NoFinalCC removes CC if competing Pcle and sentence-final
  • NoABBR removes ABBR for competing CC