Divvun Meeting

Til stades: Børre, Maja, Sjur, Thomas, Tomi


  • since last - very short oral status reports from everyone, most important things only
  • the coming wee

Since last


  • Børre has fixed too_low_mainlang errors in freecorpus. These errors belong in two categories: Mixed language in docs and bad language recognizer. The fix for the first case is to move the docs to orig/mixed, the fix for the other is to set the monolingual variable (mostly nno). Down from 620 to 289 errors in this category.
  • Meeting about risten2 with Sjur and Tomi.


has struggled with Ávvir-compounds, now only 59 000 left in bound-file.

Maja Lisa

has worked with adjective- attributes- added some new - need to discuss these further with Duommá, (Lene?) and Trond - two days tilvenning/avvenning in kindergarden.

The coming week

  • adj.-attributt ved (presens partisipp/subst./adj) (Maja)