Onsdagsmøte (på torsdag), 13.8.15.

Trond, ML, Ciprian, Lene


  1. research group
  2. articles
  3. clarino
  4. Visit from ICALL prof II
  5. Upcoming conferences

research group issues

Trond gave an update:

  • Possible candidates for fst-prof II position
  • Position for leading expert


See last meeting

Next, forthcoming article (Multilingual m, Cip and ML) forthcoming. Proofreading: University has had a system for this.

Trond to ask Eystein.


Ciprian to work on this, also Trond.

  • Identify resources + create CMDI metadata
  • give them PID and upload them

Visit from ICALL prof II

September 14 - 25.

  • Trond will ask Laura and Robert about this
  • Work with Cree ICALL article?

Lars Borin

... is next.

Upcoming conferences

  • LRL, Language Technologies in support of Less-Resourced Languages, Polen
    • http: //www.ilc.cnr.it/lrl2015/
    • 10th September 2015: paper submission deadline
    • 28th November 2015
  • Second International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralic Languages
    • Szeged, Hungary http: //www.u-szeged.hu/tik
    • 2nd November 2015: Paper submission deadline
    • 20th January 2016: Workshop held in Szeged, Hungary