At the meeting: Tiina, Ciprian, Trond, Lene

Tiina coming to Tromsø

Tiina is coming to Tromsø 15. June., 19.10, from Oslo.

  • Lene holiday from 21.6
  • Trond holiday from beginning of July
  • Ciprian holiday: first two weeks of July + last two weeks of August
  • Tiina will work whole summer

__Trond__will find out how to get Tiina quickly into the formalities here at UiT:

  • Computer
  • email (and ID)
  • mailinglists
  • keycard
  • key
  • office
  • Paga?

Tiina's work now

  • has implemented English in Leksa in sme-Oahpa, and fixed minor things
  • django is outdated, is working on updating
  • going to move rus-Oahpa from gtlab to gtoahpa-server
    • the oahpa-installation on gtlab has not all the features as on gtoahpa (e.g. feedback)
    • Heli
    • Robert Reynolds <rre014@post.uit.no>

The servers:

  • our virtual servers
    • gtoahpa.uit.no = centos: for production Oahpas + NDS sme, sma
    • gtweb.uit.no = fedora = web services, all other NDS
    • gtlab.uit.no = fedora = all other Oahpas, our experiments
    • gtsvn.uit.no = fedora = svn
  • stallo.uit.no = for larg-scale cluster jobs = large-scale analysis
  • divvun.no = Divvun's mac server = stores corpora

Planning of new Oahpa-code

In the ped/doc/common/NotesForNewOahpaCode.jspwiki