Notes from an ad-hoc discussion 19.4.2012

Merging Actio, Der/n and Der/eapmi

Reason for discussion

  • Der/n and Der/eapmi are in complementary distribution, and express the same = they are the same = Der/Actio
  • Actio and Der/Actio are the same thing as well, just used in different syntactic contexts
  • in some cases there are two forms, one long and one short, parallel to what we find in other parts of the grammar = the existence of parallel short and long forms is not an argument for having two categories
  • in eastern dialects the long forms are used in cases where western dialects use the short form, further underlining the fact that the short and long forms are really variants of the same

Change it like this?

  • Der/n, Der/eapmi and Actio in the present tagset is changed to Der/Actio
  • the new Der/Actio gets a full noun paradigm, with both Sg and Pl, and all cases (the fact that Plural and some cases are not used in a verbal context (=the old Actio) is a reflection of the syntactic context, and not an indication of a defective paradigm)


Nickel/Sammallahti har tre grupper: s 65: Som del av verbalet: Actio Loc og Actio Ess. s. 66: Utenfor verbalet: Actio Nom, Actio Gen og Actio Com s. 613: Handlingsnomen ("Denne avledningen ble tidligere kalt misvisende for aktio eller aktioform") + -eapmi s. 615 I sammensetninger -an.

Dagens norm-fst:
borran	borrat+V+TV+Actio+Gen
borran	borrat+V+TV+Actio+Nom
borran	borrat+V+TV+Actio+Acc  <==== denne fjernes
borran	borrat+V+TV+PrfPrc
borran	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Gen <==== Der/n => Der/NomAct + Allegro
borran	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Nom

borrama	borrat+V+TV+Actio+Gen  <==== denne fjernes
borrama	borrat+V+TV+Actio+Acc  <==== denne fjernes
borrama	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Gen  <=== Der/NomAct
borrama	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Acc   <=== Der/NomAct

borramiin  <==== legge til Actio+Com
borramiin	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Pl+Loc   <=== Der/NomAct
borramiin	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Com    <=== Der/NomAct

borramis	borrat+V+TV+Actio+Loc
borramis	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Nom+PxSg3  
borramis	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Acc+PxSg3
borramis	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Gen+PxSg3
borramis	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Sg+Loc   <=== Der/NomAct

borrame	borrat+V+TV+Actio+Ess  <==== Short? Argument mot: bruken er dialektavhengig, og da bør taggene være de samme for begge dialektene.
borrame	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Ess    <==== denne fjernes

borramin	borrat+V+TV+Actio+Ess
borramin	borrat+V+TV+Der/n+N+Ess   <=== Der/NomAct

lágidan	lágidit+V+TV+Der/eapmi+N+Sg+Gen   <==== denne vil opptre kun i sammensetninger. Vi kan evt innføre lágidit+V+TV+Der/N+Cmp ?
lágidan	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Nom
lágidan	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Gen
lágidan	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Acc   <==== denne fjernes

lágideami	lágidit+V+TV+Der/eapmi+N+Sg+Acc
lágideami	lágidit+V+TV+Der/eapmi+N+Sg+Gen
lágideami	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Gen   <==== denne fjernes
lágideami	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Acc   <==== denne fjernes

lágideame	lágidit+V+TV+Der/eapmi+N+Sg+Gen+Allegro  <=== Der/NomAct
lágideame	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Ess
lágideame	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Gen  <==== denne fjernes
lágideame	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Acc  <==== denne fjernes

lágideamen	lágidit+V+TV+Actio+Ess

Fra korpus:

        "son" Pron Pers Sg3 Nom @SUBJ>
        "leat" V IV Ind Prt Sg3 @+FAUXV
        "merket" V* TV Der/st Der/eapmi N Pl Loc PxSg3 @ADVL>  <======= Px
        "hui" Adv @>ADVL
        "vuollegaččat" Adv @ADVL>
        "govvidit" V TV PrfPrc @-FMAINV
        "dát" Pron Dem Sg Acc @>N
        "ártet" A Sg Gen PxSg3 @>N
        "olmmoš#gaskavuohta" N Sg Acc @<OBJ


1) Innafor verbalet: (leat) čállime/čállimin Actio Ess (heaitit) čállimis Actio Loc

2) Utafor verbalet: áhči čállin girji - en bok som far har skrevet - Actio Nom čállin dihte - Actio Gen <-- čállimiin Actio Com

>>>>>>>>>>> čállit+V+TV+Actio+Acc <<<<<<<<<<<<<< dette er den problematiske >>>>>>>>>>> lágidan lágidit+V+TV+Der/NomAct+N+Sg+Gen <<<<<<<<< kortform, berre i sms lágideami lágidit+V+TV+Der/NomAct+N+Sg+Gen

(čállin girji) skal samskrives slik: - čállingirji - skrivebok +Der/NomAct+N

296: divvunmiella áiddi mus lea čállinmiella girjji.

3) Avleiing čállin čállimat Der/NomAct N Sg Acc -- likestava lágideapmi Der/NomAct N Sg Kasus -- ulikestava finnes i Sg on Pl, og alle kasus


  1. hiva ut actio acc och ill, och in alla andra (og fjern alle Err/Sub)
  2. bare korformen skal ha Actio Gen (borrama og lágideame og lágideami skal bort)
  3. hiva in alla px: ar igen, ja ved derivasjonane
  4. lágidan Der/NomAct ska bara gå till R
  5. follow-up on the CG to check that the removed tag doesn't create changed output