Guovdageaidnu meeting

This is the first meeting between the team members after that the project kicked into gear on earnest. The meeting will be used to evaluate the progress and to discuss both linguistic and technical ideas and problems. There are separate notes from the meeting.

Wednesday before lunch

  • Common issues:
    • Evaluate first half year
      • individual brainstorm: 5 things to improve
      • communication
      • tasks - have they been clearly enough defined?
      • responsibility
      • feedback
      • project goals and progress
      • work processes: Bugzilla, discussion list, checking in, documentation and doc review.
    • Discuss issues/improvements as identified above
      • How to improve, how to make improvements become routine
    • General Lule Saami presentation
      • What has happened until now?

Wednesday after lunch

  • Programmers' session
    • Upgrade to 10.4, fix things
    • Bugzilla bugs?
    • Correct the mark-up of circular entries in the lexicon
  • Linguists' session
    • Lule Sámi: Discussion on how to proceed, make a task overview for the programmers
    • Linguistic issues in Northern Sámi
      The missing list
      Routines for making 4(?) lists: typos, lexical omissions, morphological problems, preprocessor errors. Discuss implementation with programmers.
      The testing tools
      Make a specification of what we want.
      the names
      Names to add and how to encode them
      The loan words
      Getting the facts right (but I think they are already).
      Case agreement within numerals
      Today, we have guoktelogiviđas.
      Vowel shortening of compounds with short 1st syllable (bivdo- pro bivdu-)
      Check whether it works
    • Bugzilla bugs

Thursday before lunch

  • Common session
    • xml format for the lexicon:
      • What is in it for us? SWOT analysis
      • Information inventory - what do we want or need to store in the lexicon? (i.e. what future uses can we foresee)
      • How to tie to a full dictionary in relevant cases
    • How to treat proper names: What we want, and how to get it
      • Differentiating between name types?
      • Having a multilingual place name lexicon, a bilingual corrector
      • When and how to include the rest of the names from Statens Kartverk and its Swedish and Finnish counterparts
      • Procedures for going through the 35000 names and check their continuation lexica.

Thursday after lunch

  • Linguists' session cont. from Wednesday
    • More on unix procedures; paste, ...
    • Case inflection of numerals
    • Indefinite pronouns
    • ...
  • Programmers' session
    • Forrest i18n
    • Outsourcing: specification of the outsourced work

Friday before lunch

  • Computational linguist session (Tomi, Sjur, Trond)
    • Discussing things that has come up during the week, relevant for twolc, lexc, xfst
    • Making a non-circular noncirc-sme.fst
  • Session for the rest
    • Ask Børre about everything you were afraid to ask about™
  • Summary session before Trond leaves.

Friday after lunch

  • Programmers
    • xml format for the lexicon, the more technical details

by Børre Gaup, Trond Trosterud