Meeting between Polderland and Divvun (and UiTø project)



  • Frank Nusselder (dev.)
  • Inge de Mönnink sales manag. - did not participate in the meeting)
  • Peter Beinema (project manager)

Divvun/Saami Parliament:

  • Sjur Moshagen (project manager, speller & technical issues)
  • Børre Gaup (everything-man: testing, corpus)
  • Maaren Palismaa (North Saami linguist, working on mondays and tuesdays)
  • Thomas Omma (North and Lule Saami linguist)
  • Tomi Pieski (softw. eng.)

University/disambiguation project:

  • Trond Trosterud (project manager, computational linguist)
  • Saara Huhmarniemi (soft. eng.)

Communication channels


E-mail addresses available upon request (to reduce spam).


Also AIM screen names are available upon requests (but the Divvun screen names can be found on other pages on this site).


  • server:
  • group: uit.samiskspraak.giellateknologiija

The news server requires username and password, and does only allow connections from selected domains.

Bugzilla where you may register yourself


To be found at:


  • presentation
  • proj. schedule
  • linguistic questions:
    • samples of full paradigm or derivates from one stem
  • technical questions:
    • conversion from Divvun format to PLX(?)
    • will PLX be the target format?
    • finite state or "traditional" Polderland solution?
  • formalities:
    • publicity of shared documents


Planned drop dates:

  • alpha: 2006-11-01
  • beta: 2007-04-01
  • final: 2007-09-01 latest

Project issues

Coordination meetings every Tuesday morning, 9: 30 unless agreed otherwise.

	Project phases
	Project Progress measurement
	Testing (including acceptance testing)
	Risk management
	Lexical sample material
	Cooperative development (e.g., form of lexical material)
	Staff availability
	Spelling Checker: 
		* can internal spelling lexicon be based on Polderland PLX format,
			or is an extension with e.g. automata necessary?
		==> requires analysis of sample material:
			- level of agglutination
			- sound / letter changes in agglutination
			- agglutination vs. compounding
		* are lists of hyphenated words available?
		* there are rule sets in the XFST formalism that will insert
		  hyphenation points in the input string

	Mac applications:
		* PowerPC vs. Intel? - both
		* XCode vs. CodeWarrior?

Linguistic issues

Basic grammar information can be found at:

Tags for derivation

These tags will get a common prefix (+Der/ replacing +) in a near future.

+adda +ahtti +alla +asti +easti +aš +d +eaddji +eamoš +amoš +eapmi +g +geahtes +gielat !better: +Der/NuA

+h +heapmi +hudda +huhtti +huvva +halla +j +l +laš +las +hat

+meahttun +muš +n +st +stuvva +upmi +supmi +us +vuohta +lágan

+Dimin +viđá +viđi +veara +duohke +duohkai +vuolle +vuollai +vuolde +š <== Dim +goahti <== inchoative

Output from the disambiguator

        "gullat" V TV Ind Prt Pl3 @+FMAINV
        "álgu" N Sg Gen @GP>
        "rájes" Po @ADVL
        "girkoeise#váldi" N Pl Ill @ADVL
        "," CLB
        "bisma" N Pl Ill @ADVL