• Time and place: 12.30 CET, on the net (Tromsø, Kiruna, Kyrkslätt/Kirkkonummi)
  • Participants: Børre, Maaren (left 12.50), Sjur, Thomas, Tomi, Trond (left 12.50)

Opened at 12.35 (ca.), with some initial technical hurdles

Closed at 13.40

Meeting agenda:

  1. Last weeks work
  2. Next week's work
  3. Other items
  4. Meeting summary

1. Last weeks work

UTF8 conversion

  • Trond, Tomi, Sjur: We have made a plan for conversion, but still not pressed the button for making a Branch in the cvs repository. When we do that we can start testing.
  • Tomi: wrote an excellent overview of branching using the tool Eclipse

Reports to NorFA

  • Trond and Sjur wrote a report on Sami lg techn. as part of participating in the SALETEK network. Major parts of the (short) article describes our two projects.
  • documentation: Tomi has started to use Forrest on his own.
  • FYI: documentation of disambiguation rules (UiT project) has started/progressed

2. Next week's work

  • the actual first run/testing with UTF-8 should start
  • Trond, Sjur will meet in Hki.
  • Marit will work on documentation of dis rules
  • Tomi: Branch gt/ directory, UTF-8 conversion
  • Thomas still at work with other issues, probably start on 1.1.05.
  • Maren starts probably on 3. january 2005, I have not time before that. Sorry.
  • Børre: Started working??? Not next week, the week after. BØRRE: is that correct? Børre will start working on the 20. this month, yes.
  • Sjur: will set up the new Forrest-based documentation (planned this week, but ...)

The question is whether we should branch now or not:

  • My (i.e. Trond's?) position: Tomi should implement the utf8 branch of the whole gt directory, so that we can start working and converting it.
  • Agree, Tomi has written an excellent first overview of branching.

The rest of you shoud read docu when you arrive.

Probably no reason for having a meeting next friday, then? Or: We can have a look at that during the week.

A good reason for having a meeting next week: working out the technical problems we had today. This (and next) weeks meeting are more like training sessions, both regarding how to set them up (technical issues) and how to conduct them (how we actually behave, take turns, etc.)

Next meeting:

  • next Friday, 13.00 Norw. time
  • participants: Børre, Maaren?, Risten?, Sjur, Tomi, Trond
  • agenda to be sent out on Thursday
  • Trond to set up a telephone meeting

3. Other items

  • Sjur will meet the project steering group in Oslo:
    • will decide on the final project budget
    • decide on final project plan (major milestones)
    • will decide on the final organisation of the project

(All this feels a bit like rubber stamps, but it is necessary to have the project solidly backed by the financers.)

4. Meeting summary

Tasks ahead:

  • continue UTF-8 conversion docs. & preparation
  • set up documentation

Improving procedures (we need to write down the problems we had, so that we can solve problems and improve the procedures):

  • resolve the SEE problems Børre & Sjur had
  • post a real agenda well ahead of the meeting (this will improve as we get the other processes running as well)
  • set up the telephone and check that it works well ahead of the meeting (much well ahead here: -) )