• Time: 13.00 Norw. time
  • Place: on the net & phone
  • Who: Børre, Sjur, Thomas, Tomi, Trond


  • Sjur leads the meeting
  • we take notes together, although I expect the ones with

Here's the draft agenda for the meeting:

  1. Opening, checking that everyone is in, and all is working
  2. Summary from the meeting in the steering committee
  3. UTF-8 conversion
  4. Documentation
  5. Terminology database
  6. Other items:
  7. Closing

1) Opening, checking that everyone is in, and all is working


2) Summary from the meeting in the steering committee

The project, its budget and timetable have now formally been accepted Present were Sjur and the members of the committee: Anne Britt Hætta (sd), Per Edvard klemetsen (sd), Eirik Liland (uit), Bjørn Olav Megard (krd)

Questions discussed:

  • Will we get access to Sámi placenames in F and S or not? And for what price? (the s.c. was reluctant to pay anything but administrative fees for the material)
  • Do Finland and Sweden need special versions of the spell checker tailored for F or S? If so, what would the extra costs be?
  • Sjur answered: We have plans for costs related to localisation and documentation for Swedish and Finnish versions. We have no plans for a differentiated content. There are differences regarding conventions for punctuation and hyphenation marks, for acronyms, etc. These may carry over to Sámi, and may require separate versions. In any case, the costs for this are small. Another reason for differentiating would be to include only domestic place-names in the F, N and S version, in order to keep the number of placenames, and thereby the danger of interference with Sámi words is low.

3) UTF-8 conversion

TODO: Trond should go through the tools check list for UTF-8 on the Compaq. TODO: Trond asks Eckhard about vislcg and UTF-8. TODO: Tomi to make a branch before christmas.

4) Documentation

Both the internal and the external documentation should be included in cvs on cochise, and checked out to the server at Humfak.


gt/doc/index.html  <-- to build from
   --> giellatekno    <->
   --> divvon         <->
   --> internal       <->   gt/doc/idoc/index.html


    cd gt/doc/
    forrest run
    localhost:8888/index.html ->

    |  Divvon   || GielTe || Techn. |

GielTe = (external disamb.proj. page)
Divvon = (eksternal proof. proj.)
Techn. = internal docs

TODO: Make a stable solution for external homepages:

  • url string:
  • server:
  • export routine from the cvs:
  • forrest...:

5) Terminology database

  • The database interface should be finished by mid-March 2005
  • Open issues: Sámi sorting; editing facilities.
  • Tomi will implement sorting after the UTF-8 conversion is finished

6) Other items

  • Thomas, about Lantmäteriverket. They haven't yet encoded the saami place names as saami, so they are in the same category as the swedish. They will start with the work "soon". Should we wait or "take" all placenames, non-saami too, in certain area, if possible? Solution: We take rawmaterial with ALL swedish names as back-up until we see how long time the encoding will take.
  • (Thomas?) has been in contact with Káre Vuolab in Finland, too. She hasn't yet been in contact with finnish map-producers, but she's working with names for new maps and I understood it the way that we can get the place-names from her. Her project though will run for three years, so it would be good to get the names directly from the finnish map-producers, she will contact them in january. We wait till january before we decide anything further.
  • The lexicon: postponed to next meeting.
  • work during Xmas: all of us are taking Monday off, and working Tue-Fri Due to the short days (4 hours/8-12), any collaborative efforts will have to be agreed upon beforehand
  • Børre needs access to the newsgroup from Sweden: TODO: Trond makes that possible

7) Closing at 15.12.