Meeting setup

  • Date: 13.1.2005
  • Time: 15.00 Norw. time
  • Participants: BG, MP, SNM, TO, TP, TT


  1. Opening, discussing and accepting the topics
  2. UTF-8 conversion
  3. Documentation system
  4. Lexicon, linguistics
  5. Rescheduled project meetings
    1. suggestion: every Monday 10 AM Norw. time
  6. New organisation
    1. reality from May 1st
  7. "Personalseminar" (whole of Samediggi):
    1. 28.2., 12.00 - 2.3., 12.00
    2. the whole project group should be there

Starting 15.03

1 - Opening, discussing and accepting the topics

Accepted as is.

2 - UTF-8 conversion

  • cochise is ready
  • writing instr. now on how to convert to newsgroup
  • the conversion scripts for in* and output to our web analyser was modified on the UTF-8 branch (earlier digraphs was in the source and UTF-8 input had to be converted, now it is the other way around)
  • we are ready to start using UTF-8 (i.e. merge the UTF-8 branch with the HEAD)
  • vislcg works fine


  • conversion to UTF-8 in HEAD is done Friday 14.1.2005, barring that it is OK for Marit. Check-in deadline is thursday 17.00.

3 - Documentation system

  • using Forrest (a project documentation system)
  • converting the HTML files to XML (Forrest 1.3 DTD)
  • reorganising the old doc files into a set of folders, to reduce the crowdedness; hopefully the folders define clear categories
  • trying to set up the menus and tabs for the site


  • Monday 24.1. documentation up and running

4 - Lexicon, linguistics

  • Maaren is working all Mondays and Tuesdays on this project
  • adding words
  • straightened up the adjectival lexicon
  • next week: adverbs
  • have identified other linguistic problems: - what is a correct Sámi form or generalisation? - fixing two-level rules (diphtong simplification, others), and check against data - Maaren and Thomas will make linguistic generalisation; these generalisations will be turned into rules (Maaren, Thomas, Trond) - getting constant and helpful feedback from Marit

5 - Rescheduled project meetings

  • suggestion: every Monday 10 AM Norw. time
  • OK/better for all

DECISION: accepted.

6 - New organisation

  • reality from May 1st

7 - "Personalseminar" (whole of Samediggi):

  • 28.2., 12.00 - 2.3., 12.00
  • the whole project group should be there
  • in Alta

8 - Additional topics:

  • Trond: Skuvlalinux
    • Pekka has said that the lexicon files can be open-sourced as far as he is concerned.
    • we should be involved with the discussion on the Skuvlalinux list
  • Sjur: Pargas seminar
    • Proofing tools seminar
    • Pargas, Finland, 21-22 of April
    • Sjur to forward the e-mail
  • Tomi: Sámi place names in Finland
    • the contact person did not want to give a copy
    • Ilmari Mattus is collecting Inari Sámi place names


  • UTF-8 conversion will be done this Friday
  • Document. system ready 24.1
  • Project meetings now on Monday, next meeting 24.1
  • All project members to participate in Alta seminar

Ending 16.10