Meeting setup

  • Time: 10.00 Norw. time
  • Place: Wherever we are: -)
  • Tools: Phone, iChat, SubEthaEdit
  1. Opening
  2. Last week/since last meeting - short summary from each of us
  3. Linguistic priorities ahead - discussion
  4. Corpus work:
    1. collecting
    2. infrastructure
  5. Terminological db
  6. Other issues
  7. Closing

1. Opening

Meeting opened at 10.43 due to technical problems with SEE and the telephones at Tromsø.

2. Last week/since last meeting

Short summary from each of us:

  • Maaren:
    • hasn't had time, it's hard to prioritize among other tasks
    • has considered going to Tromsø for a week
  • Thomas:
    • Has had problems with CVS, could be network problem.
    • Studied commandline UNIX.
    • Looked at Bugzilla. Too short error messages.
    • talked to Lantmäteriverket, they have started to code place names for language, thus making it possible to extract all and only the Sámi names. Work finished the coming summer.
  • Børre:
    • worked on the documentation system (Forrest)
    • ready to run now
    • HTML docs still available. To be evaluated next week (whether we can move the old docs to the attic)

3. Linguistic priorities ahead

Discussion: We need lots of lexicalisation, but we also need systematic testing, checking and development of different parts of the linguistic models. On my (incomplete) list I have:

  • inflection for all POSes (under-/overgeneration)
  • noun compounding (overgeneration wrt case used for comps - assumption: compounding case does NOT follow from inflectional class; if true, what implications does it have?)

We need a systematic testing plan. To be discussed further in the newsgroup. Thomas to be responsible for the discussions.

4. Corpus work:

  • collecting
    • Børre is responsible
    • telephone contact first to people already informed about the project
    • contact Sámi municipalities, the parliaments, author organisations, NSI, Sámi Allaskuvla, Nasjonalbiblioteket i Norge.
    • use Per Edvard Klemetsen (Sjur to clear with Anne Britt first)
    • NSI - what do they have? Min Áigi, Áššu, reports, MA theses
  • infrastructure
    • corpus repository and structure
    • internal XML format
    • conversion to internal format, incl. lang id and text struct. markup
    • conversion from int. format to input to preproc.

5. Terminological db

  • Committed to cvs
  • Tomi has implemented Sámi sorting

6. Other issues

  • CVS commit to mail a group of selected people (all?)
    • Trond to check it out(!)
  • how to edit the new docs in XML
    • status check next meeting
  • new discussion group, new participants:
    • Trond to set up new group
    • Sjur to invite when the group is running
  • Lule Sámi:
    • Thomas to contact Anders Kintel, to ask for entry words + infl codes (at best the whole dict.)
  • new project members (Trond's project): Ilona - what should she do?

7. Closing

Closed at 12.47