Meeting setup

  • Date: 31.01.2005
  • Time: 10.00 Norw. time
  • Place: Wherever we are: -)
  • Tools: Phone, iChat, SubEthaEdit


  1. Opening
  2. Last week/since last meeting - short summary from each of us
  3. Infrastructure issues
    1. documentation system
    2. other?
  4. Corpus gathering - status
  5. Corpus infrastructure: how to continue (Tomi to be responsible)
  6. Term db: adjective description clean-up (for Thomas)
  7. Other issues
  8. Closing

1. Opening


2. Last week/since last meeting

  • Maaren: no time
  • Thomas: looked at adjectives (details to be discussed after the meeting, with Trond)
  • Børre: done a few changes to the documentation system, didn't work, so will have to be redone
  • Tomi: correcting bugs in Bugzilla, XML format for specifying Sámi sorting order in eXist (not working, text format to be used instead)
  • Trond: bugs, strugling with the documentation, was in Trondheim for the yearly meeting of the KUNSTI programme - should hire two linguists now to compensate for the lost time earlier due to the long time it took to hire + Sara's maternal leave. Also, invited to represent the university when the Minister of Modernisation (!) Morten Meyer visited the university.
  • Sjur: project management + terminology database

3. Infrastructure issues

  • documentation system:
    • to start using the new documentation system, included the shared documentation, forrest needs to be updated. Subversion (svn) will have to be installed as a tool for that purpose.
    • for details, see notes at the end.
    • Sjur also believed we needed Forrest support in XMLEditor, but it was already in place (potentially not for Marit, though).
  • Bugzilla:
    • Trond:
      • not easy to see how to best organise bugs
      • removed Web interface component
      • added Infrastructure Product, with four components (CGI, Makefile, documentation, localisation)
    • Sjur:
      • updating/-grading Bugzilla? Latest stable is 2.18.x
    • general: a brief discussion on whether Bugzilla was the best option. While there certainly exists other nice alternatives, Bugzilla is installed and working, and we'll not use any time on changing our bug tracking and reporting system now (or ever, as long as it does its job).

4. Corpus gathering - status


  • has talked to PE Klemetsen
  • has written a letter together with Trond and Sjur, now out for translation
  • has collected a list of potential recipients with addresses
  • has spoken with several people and organisations, all very positive
  • Stig Gælok (Lule Sámi author/journalist) wants to get a (symbolic?) compensation/payment

More hints on who to contact in Finland? Juhani Lehtiranta has an electronic archive of Sápmilaš. Other tips from Maaren as well.

What about Sweden? Ask Mikael Svonni and Olavi Korhonen. Also look at

5. Corpus infrastructure:how to continue (Tomi to be responsible)

  • location (and how)
  • format (but see Saara's notes, and cooperate with Lars Nygård in Oslo; also CSC in Helsinki)
  • conversion
  • integration with existing tools/infrastr.

6. Term db:adjective description clean-up (for Thomas)

  • ok

7. Other issues

  • newsgroups: not working
  • still network problems

8. Closing

Closed at 11.45.

Notes to point 3

Documentation system

Other infrastructure

  • Upgrading Bugzilla to 2.18? Several new useful features and bugfixes.