Meeting setup

  • Date: 20.06.2005
  • Time: 10.00 Norw. time
  • Place: Wherever we are : -)
  • Tools: Phone, iChat, SubEthaEdit


  1. Opening, agenda review
  2. Reviewing the task list from a week ago
  3. Documentation -
  4. Corpus gathering
  5. Corpus infrastructure
  6. Linguistics
  7. Term db
  8. Other issues
  9. Summary, task lists
  10. Closing

1. Opening, agenda review, participants

Opened at 10.15. Agenda accepted as is.

Present: Børre, Sjur, Thomas, Tomi, Trond

Absent: Maaren

Main secretary: Trond

2. Reviewing the task list from the last meeting


  • The release.
    • authoring
      • Done
    • translations
      • all but Northern Sámi fully translated; the QA check is up today.
    • techn. setup
      • Tomcat in place, no port number - only the


  • Coordinate the release and the tasks ahead of the release.
  • Tomcat/Divvun setup
    • Almost done (Tomcat done, domain done, only missing is setting up divvun war as default/"ROOT" app)
  • Authoring "How we make it"
    • Done
  • i18n issues in Forrest
    • will use the subtab solution:
      • only the document selection is working with i18n, not menu and tab translations
  • Translate Divvun docs to English (with Sjur)
    • Done


    • Proofread sme translation
      • No sme docs have been proofread.
      • Thomas is going to do it
  • Linguistics
    • The catch 20 list for the lg board
    • in CVS under lang/sme/norm_issues.xml
    • Meeting in September or earlier


  • Author pages for the opening
    • Done.
  • Fix bugs, prepare that opening
    • Done, but new ones are popping up : -(
  • Translate Divvun docs to English (with Børre)
    • Done (but not by me)


  • Work with Lule Sami
    • not worked very much
  • buy books - dictonaries and grammars to Romssa kántuvra
    • bought northern sámi, and julevsáme grammar, but hard to find julevsáme dictionaries
  • Write documentation
    • not yet begun
  • smj, to be proofread later by e.g. Kåre Tjikkom
    • translated, but Index and Timetable not yet proofread
      • To be done today.


  • Common Makefile for all the languages
    • Started on this one, but with problems
  • catxml language removal
    • Done.
  • Look into shortening of three-part compounds, middle part
    • Started on this one, had some problems with this too
  • decapitalisation of proper nouns when (if?) compounded, and when derived (the oslolaš issue)


  • release
    • Documentation: Work with Børre on the disamb documentation.
      • Did not work on that, the disamb will have to stay as is until after the divvun release.
    • Write the sma omission text, perhaps look at the translation to English
      • Did that.
    • Technical documentation: Read through, look at omissions
      • Read some, but all too little.
  • Linguistic work
    • Back up Thomas on smj.
      • Started looking at Lule Sámi
    • Make a normativity-issues.xml in the lang/sm{ej}/ directories.
      • Did that.
    • Otherwise, the week was dominated by the media interviewing me on gender assignment.

3. Documentation -

Deadline 22.6.

Børre will be the main responsible for getting it all in place till the deadline.

Things required before the opening:

  1. Press release text, conforming to what we actually release (in 3 languages? More?)
    1. No text yet - Børre will write something based on PR in the car, and check it in when online again (in the evening)
  2. front pages up and running, with a nice look and interlinking in place, as site-generated pages.
    1. Almost there
    2. The howto tab is not working as intended. Wednesday fix: Remove the howto tab, and then fix it later.
  3. front page and general info in all languages
    1. Almost done. sme version of background-sma missing.
  4. general outline of the project, with deliveries and main timetable
    1. Done
  5. front pages up and running, with a nice look and interlinking in place, as site-generated pages.
    1. No-go
  6. The actual content of the documentation, our common child, should be gone through with the forthcoming public release in mind.
    1. Some done - ok

Requirements for the opening:

  • i18n in place? What if we can't get it to work? Subtabs for each language. The submenus must follow the language of the subtabs.
    • Subtabs
  • frontpage contains the points outlined at the last meeting. Cf. this list:
    • Information in 5 languages (sme, smj, nob, fin, eng)
      • Done
    • Size of general public info: only a few paragraphs. It should include:
      • what the divvun project is
      • why it is made, by whom, on whose decision
      • organization (project board, part of GIO, with UiT, what else?)
      • how, when, and for whom it eventually will be used, and on what terms and price
      • what we make
      • why we do not make sma (background on separate page, in nob and sme)
      • timetable (separate page, all langs.)
      • how we make it (separate page, all langs)
      • an explanation of our lg policy (separate page, all)
      • a good set of links, incl our own newsfeed (RSS)

The separate pages:

  • The intro page (all lgs)
  • sma (in nob and sme)
  • timetable (all langs.)
  • how we make it (all langs)
  • an explanation of our lg policy (all lgs)


  • all docs, orig lang: Wednesday, 15.6.
  • translations: Friday, 17.6.
  • Alpha site (Tomcat running, present version of the site): Wednesday, 15.6.
  • Beta site (all docs in place): Monday, 20.6.
  • QA, checking links, i18n, content etc.: Tuesday, 21.6.
  • Opening: Wednesday, 22.6.


  • The intro page: Sjur x5
  • sma omission background: Trond x2
    • sme version of sma document missing (partly translated)
      • Thomas to translate the rest
  • timetable: Sjur x5
  • how we make it: Børre x5
  • an explanation of our lg policy: Sjur x5
  • Press release: Sjur x1 + Thomas x2


The files will be written in nob, and made available via cvs, in xtdocs/sd/.../xdocs/

  • eng: Sjur, others?
  • sme: Børre (Maaren proofreads)
  • smj: Thomas, proofread by e.g. Kåre Tjikkom
  • fin: Maaren


Børre will make document stubs in the correct places, with the correct filenames. Today! (right after the meeting:-).

4. Corpus gathering

The translator gave in. The text should be translated from Finnish to Norwegian. The task is given to Trond, Maaren will send over the Finnish text, these versions will be added to the adm catalogue of the documentation.

5. Corpus infrastructure

Language incl. in place - default = sme. An improvement would be to have sme default when listing text from the sme catalogue and smj when from smj, etc. Tomi will look into it.

6. Linguistics

There is work underway on Lule Sámi.

7. Term db /

More bug fixing, updates. Lule Sámi interface in place on the dev computer, South Sámi coming today.

8. Other issues

Language(s) of RSS Newsfeed

Forrest can generate RSS news for us, which we will use to broadcast project events. What should the language be? What should the content be, ie the type of events that we publish this way?

  • Language
    • If monolingual: nob or sme? If multilingual
      • sme for linguistic issues, sme and nob for other issues
  • Content Type
    • Major updates to the docs
    • test releases (Alpha, Beta, etc.)
    • ...

To be decided by tomorrow. We (Børre/Sjur) need to find out what is possible in Forrest.

9. Summary, task list


  • The release - until Wednesday: -)


  • Coordinate the release and the tasks ahead of the release.
  • Vacation thereafter.


  • in Tysfjord till Thursday, will work on the project Thursday and Friday


  • Author press release for for the opening
  • bugs and fixes


  • translate the rest of sme version of sma document (partly translated)
  • translate press release into Northern and Lule sami
  • bug Kåre Tjikkom with the last QA on smj translations
  • Work with Lule Sami
  • call Pål Hivand about when he's going to send out the press release(s)


  • Common Makefile for all the languages
  • catxml default language issue
  • three-part compounding
  • decapitalisation of proper nouns when (if?) compounded, and when derived (the oslolaš issue)


  • release
  • sma-background completion
  • Translate the Hki legal text into Norwegian
  • Fix the reported Lule Sámi bugs before Tysfjord.

10. Next meeting, closing

27.06.2005 10: 00

Closed at 11: 30