Meeting setup

  • Date: 11.10.2010
  • Time: 09.30 Norw. time
  • Place: Internet
  • Tools: SubEthaEdit, iChat


  • permanent Divvun - preparations
  • SMA-oahpa week in Tromsø
  • SMA-speller release: date and place.
  • Samediggi personnel seminar

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Opening, agenda review, participants

  • Opened at 10: 02.
  • Present: Biret Ánne, Børre, Lene, Maja, Sjur, Thomas, Tomi, Trond
  • Absent: Ciprian

Permanent Divvun - preparations


  • Organisation
  • Positions and hiring
  • Projects next year
  • release cycles for existing products
  • new lex seminars


We have, starting 1.1.11, two units, in practice working as one:

Senter for samisk språkteknologi:
| GT + Divvun |
  • Board: 2 Sámediggi + 1 univ + 1 Sámi Allaskuvla + 1 fad;
  • Financing: Fad

Positions and hiring

The details as to how many positions there will be overall, and how many will be announced, are not clear yet, we are awaiting feedback on legislation.

Projects next year

  • speech synthesis (partly ext. financing)
  • Barents
    • UD has financed a one-week seminar for Barents, to be held probably in february. Further financing is not clear.
  • SMA-oahpa - til 1.9.11
    • SMA-oahpa has financing and is clearly defined.
  • SME-oahpa (at least some work, evt. with ext. financing from Norgesuniversitetet 2011-13)
  • risten2 (partly ext. financing)
  • INESS treebank (Linda + Gt)
  • HFST proofing tools
    • Goal: Migrating from Polderland to HFST
  • Test bench project - report, application for the next phase
  • Scientific publishing
  • Sámi LT tour de Sápmi? (ext. financing)
  • Possible new topics
    • Speller development - tailored speller types?
    • Grammar checker?
    • Dictionary?
    • MT?
    • CAT (Computer-assisted translation = Autshumato)?
    • Glossa + terminology corpus interface and content (Clarin financed?)

CAT should be a thursday seminar topic.

Taylored spellcheckers must await HFST development. HFST may be implemented in Oahpa before it is implemented in MS Office.

Grammar checker development does not need to await HFST. It must be seen in connection with Oahpa work.

Dictionaries: Our goal is to publish updates regularly. Our focus has been reception dictionaries, people ask mainly for production dictionaries, we need a focus for that.

Sami ICALL Research (Sire)

Priorities: We will return to them.

Release cycles for existing products

4 dates a year as release dates.

  • Dictionaries once a year
  • Spellcheckers twice a year
  • etc.

One point is to upheld an infrastructure good enough for pressing the button once every third month. Another point is to teach the public to expect new versions.

New lex seminars

Follow-up to Tromsø-Trondheim? We have also been invited to Sweden.

SMA-oahpa week in Tromsø

Short orientation: The Røros group visit us this week.

SMA-speller release:date and place.

Suggestion: Trondheim, 8.12.

Samediggi personnel seminar

  • Date: Dec. 9-10
  • Place: Kirkenes