Suggestions for NDS

FST issues

  • imperatives not for all verbs (remove them from FST?)
  • weather verbs never pl (remove them from FST, -> IICONJ-SG)
  • rain : kimiwan - remove Loc from FST?
  • Missing verb forms in FST (4-5)

Layout for paradigms

  • 1./2. p section, and then 3. p section
  • Ind - Cnj - Imp - Fut
  • verb type visible
  • VAI 3 - TI2, because of the form), two types II, and then impersonal and personal ones => recognise subclasses
  • VIA instead of Verb

Interface issues – click in text

  • Icon for menu: á -> ā
  • Menu:
    • option with morphological analysis
    • syllabics option
    • change metalanguage option

Interface issues – web page

  • icon for crk? discussion, no conclusion
  • wild-card search, which will not be sent to the analyser
  • autosuggest with timer?
  • restrictions: some words should not be suggested in the the autofill
  • hidden version, for developers, with the new features
  • list all words option:
    • according to initial letter
    • reverse option
  • syllabics fonts <sh> orientation, may be free ones that are correct
  • to much empty space between the univ logos and the lookup
  • possible to add audios
  • right margin:
    • leave the typing visible for the user
    • add stem, eg. nipâw is a possible form of nipâ-
    • Search: sisipak -> "You ment sîsîpak, the Noun Animate Plural of sîsîp"

Spell relax issues

  • should recognize for long vowels: aa, A, a, click in box, macron, circumflex
  • present the correct spelling to the right
  • mâci-: should be spell-relax in the NDS interface because mâci- is not in the FST

Ideas for an app

  • app version with wordform lists?


mâcinipâw -> ?
mâci-nipâw -> has result

ryan's machine: 

macinipâw	PV/maci+nipâw+V+AI+Ind+Prs+3Sg
macinipâw	PV/maci+nipâw+V+AI

mâcinipâw	PV/maci+nipâw+V+AI+Ind+Prs+3Sg
mâcinipâw	PV/maci+nipâw+V+AI

but, this doesn't return a result in NDS