NDS Moving Language Pairs

! Moving languages between projects

When moving language pairs, one thing to consider is whether the morphology will move along with the lexicon. Otherwise, the major parts to moving languages and dictionaries are as follows:

1. Configuration file edits (*.yaml.in)

  • locales_available: does the change result in needing new UI translations?
  • Morphology: move the morphological analyzer configs for the language pairs between the files
  • Languages: remove and add any languages that are relevant or not
  • Dictionaries: move the dictionary definitions

2. dicts/Makefile

  • move FST targets in the variables. For example:
    SANAT_LANGS_ANALYSERS    :=  olo izh liv fin fkv

    SANAT_LANGS_ANALYSERS    :=  olo         fin fkv
    SONAD_LANGS_ANALYSERS    :=      izh liv fin
  • Do the same for _WORDS_DICTS_LEXICA and any customized lexicon targets.

3. User-friendly tags

  • This is not obligatory given the more open structure of the tag files, but if a language has tags in a generalized project-specific file, it may need to be moved.

4. Templates

  • Copy or move any language specific templates in ./neahtta/configs/language_specific_rules/templates/ to the corresponding project. For example: sanat/izh/* to sonad/izh/*

5. Providing a note to users about the move: create a file in the main templates/ directory with a name following the pattern notice.PROJECT.html, where PROJECT will be replaced with a project name: sanit, baakoeh, sonad, etc.

The file structure is extremely simple, and should at most contain a line of text (HTML possible), and alternately {% trans %} tags.

    {% trans %}We have moved some languages to <a
    href="http://sonad.oahpa.no/">Sonad</a>, please update your bookmarks.
    {% endtrans %}

This notice will be displayed under the language pair list, and on 404 pages. To remove the notice, simply delete the file, or change the name so it will not be found: old_notice.PROJECT.html.