2012-09-21- Risten2 Meeting

Risten2 Meeting

Participoants: Børre, Sjur, Tomi

Risten2 presentation in Oslo in less than 3 weeks.

Target: basic version working (fully working alpha -> beta) on the Divvun server.


  • Dictionary filters
  • article presentation
  • search delay of one char
  • terminology data

Dictionary filters

How do we present the filters? buttons? Scrolling "menu" / list, only one selection possible, uppermost menuitem is "all".

But the basic problem is that the filters don't work, and that the dictionary list isn't presented initially. This causes the hist list to jump to the right as soon as one starts typing.


  • fix dictionary list initial loading - javascript issue (Børre, Tomi)
  • make filters work as filters
  • grouping the filter list

Article presentation

We should talk to Bjørn Hatteng to get ideas for good ways of presenting terminology articles (dictionary articles can be seen as a subcase of terminology articles).

  • get all available info on the screen, and present it as clearly as possible (Børre)

Search experience issues

There are a couple of issues:

  • possibly one-char/keypress delays
  • slowness due to network overhead and speed limits

To mitigate such issues and create a pleasant user experience:

  • add a 0,3-0,5 second delay after each keypress before the search is sent
  • if a new request is sent before the result of the previous one is received, cancel the previous one(s), such that only the latest search result is presented

Terminology data

We need terminology data in the db ASAP - it is the most important data type for the presentation. - Fixed! : D