2012-09-26- Risten2 Meeting

Risten2 Meeting


  • status
  • next steps


  • the dictionary list is now loaded on the first page load - sometimes; needs to be consisten


  • problems getting the dictionary list to display properly:
    • not always loading
    • not displaying as scrollable list with each entry as a button/selection option
  • dictionary list not working as filters
  • syncing the code with the external file system is not working reliably. Solved.

Remember: separate logic and presentation - we want to be able to present the interface in many different ways depending on the size of the device (ie smart phones, 7" tablets, 9-10" tablets, desktops)

next steps

Get dictionary filtering to work - but only when there is a hit list; if not display metadata about the selected dictionary. Partially solved during the meeting, Tomi will work out the rest of the details.


  • make filters work as filters (Tomi)
  • get all available info on the screen, and present it as clearly as possible (Børre)
  • fix dictionary list initial loading - javascript issue (Børre, Tomi)
  • grouping the filter list, in dicts, terms, short lists