2012-10-03- Risten2 Meeting

Risten2 meeting

Participants: Børre, Sjur, Tomi


  • status
  • the next steps


Børre has made several changes to the article presentation, it is now much better.

Tomi has rewritten the javascript code for a better user experience. There seems to be problems with loading javascript from the js directory/collection.

Essentially, things look good.

Things to improve:

  • part-of-speech info is missing, so that 'stemme-N' looks the same as 'stemme-V'.
  • dictionary name could probably be right-aligned, to let the headword of the articles be more prominent
  • language info looks very much the same as the translation itself - needs to be more clearly separated from the surrounding text

The next steps

  • speed
  • consistency
  • user interface


We need to review (and possibly define) the indexes we need. This will have an enourmous impact on the speed.

Update: speed doesn't seem to be a real issue - when the caches are filled, eXist seems to respond immediately.


Risten2 still seems to require an extra keypress to trigger the final search or article lookup. This gives an impression of a very slow or non-responding server, when it is actually just waiting for more input.

This MUST fixed by next Wedn.


  • get article lookup to follow the actual keypresses in the search field (javascript debugging) (Børre)

User interface

Dictionary buttons presently look like:

  • vertically stacked (when searching) - no dictionary name
  • grouped in a pattern (after a click on a button) - no dictionary name
  • no button, only dictionary name

Filtering must be turned on.


  • get the buttons to display properly, with dictionary names (Tomi)
  • turn on filtering when buttons are pressed/clicked on (Tomi)

Next meeting

Monday 8.10, at 09.30 Norwegian time.