2012-11-15- Risten2 Meeting

Risten2 status and planning meeting

The present Risten2 Divvun alpha is pretty sweet - fast and close to what we want. Missing points wrt functionality:

  • "All" button doesn't always work
  • article display isn't filtered when you select a dictionary (only hit list)
  • the list of dictionaries are not restricted to those with hits when the user enter the search string
  • some other inconsistensies with filtering, hits list display and article display (the "guol" search test)

These need to be solved before we can call it a beta version.

Tasks before beta release:

  • fix the known bugs (see above) (Tomi)
  • get a decent Risten2-look of the site (Divvun + SD)
  • add geographical names (Børre)

We should also present it to the SD, and get more content into it.

Beta target date: sometime in January 2013.