2013-03-01- Risten2 Meeting

Risten2 meeting

Filtering is working now. Next issues:

  • when you filter, the article isn't updated (done)
  • dictionary list isn't filtered against the hit list - do this all in the browser, even though it means that the dictionary hit list might grow in certain cases (when a dictionary gets its first hit within the first 50 that previously was below the first 50)
  • i18n
    • the id elements containing dictionary names must be renamed (done)
  • the search field should be automatically focused when opening the page
  • the hit list is strictly ascii/unicode value sorted
    • we want to use the sorted index feature in eXist
  • the hit list should be uniqued
    • search for ko, to the bottom you get twice kort, it should be one. Be aware that the uniqued hits still need to have references to both/all dictionares where the hit is found, for filtering to work properly.
  • add a second tab for dictionary/term collection metadata (authours, sources, etc)
  • add a third tab with Risten2 metadata (technologies used, link to REST API reference, maintainers, etc)
  • define a dictionary xml structure used by Risten2 - this structure should be fixed (to avoid a lot of messy JS code for the article display)
  • set up conversion of existing dictionaries and term collections to this format
  • start to enhance the article display

Regarding i18n: Change the following

<id xml:lang="nob">Mekanikktermer, 1999</id>


<name xml:lang="nob">Mekanikktermer, 1999</name>