2013-04-25- Risten2 Meeting

Risten2 meeting

Tomi, Sjur


  • status
  • next actions


  • rewrite is going forward:
    • faster
    • smaller code base (our code, that is, not the total page laod)
    • easier maintainable

Issues with the present code:

  • because the json data from eXist varies between lists and non-lists, this makes the JS display code harder - we need to make the json data consistent for the same type of data all the time
    • EITHER: write a separate JSON converter function
    • OR: add some json serialisation options in eXist to force certain elements to always be serialised as lists (see http://atomic.exist-db.org/blogs/eXist/JSONSerializer for info and examples); this is probably the better / faster option
  • show first article automatically
  • search feedback
  • filtering: both hit list and dictionary/article display
  • i18n is missing

Next action summary

  • change eXist json serialisation to ensure consistent json structure
  • improve article display (Sjur can help with this)
  • show first article
  • filtering
  • search feedback