2013-04-30- Risten2 Meeting

Risten2 meeting


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There is a bug with fetching the results, it always overwrites previous resultset. One solution is to search all dictionaries at the same time, thus getting only one result set for each search -> no overwrite issue. This is possible now, since the searching is much faster than in the previous versions. We still need to check the overall effect on the speed. Also, the search isn't automatically triggered until at least three chars are typed, which should also help improve the overall experience.

Reformatted the article. - The problem with the reformatting is that it throws away most of the article content. We should only copy the article structure, adding the required json serialisation attribute (to force array serialisation for all instances of certain elements).

Next tasks

  • rewrite search to avoid overwrite issue
  • rewrite article fetching to only add json attributes, no other changes