2013-05-06- Risten2 Meeting

Risten2 meeting

We need a server installation of the current Risten2:

  • eXist on port 3010, nginx proxying to eXist on port 3005
  • Durandal on port 3000 = JS library + web server (Mimosa, http: //mimosajs.com/) - but the web server is not needed for production (or otherwise)

We want a nice url with everything working using a recent version of the Risten2 code:

Risten2 consists of two parts:

  • the eXist xml database (backend), basically queried by programs
  • the Risten2 web app (written in JS, CSS etc, using Durandal JS library), used by humans (frontend)

The frontend can be run locally or from everywhere.

  • divvun.no/risten2/
    • the frontend is placed in ==> /Users/sd/Sites/risten2/index.html
    • 3010: should point to eXist, return both JSON and XML requests

First installation - the backend:

  • eXist standalone installation, proxied via apache. URL:
    • divvun.no/dictserver/* <=> http: //localhost: 8080/exist/restxq/risten/* - for Risten2 REST interface
    • divvun.no/exist/ <=> http: //localhost: 8080/exist/ - for admin access during development and beta phase (to be closed off in the production installation)

Beta testing and development to be done on the divvun.no server, production could be on another server, eg gtweb.uit.no.



  • install eXist as a service on divvun.no (Börre)
  • configure apache to redirect requests to divvun.no/dictserver/ to eXist ( Börre)
  • populate the database with content and RESTXQ Risten2 calls
  • change the frontend code to use the Risten2 server (Tomi)