2013-05-10- Risten2 Meeting



  • Status
  • Next steps


  • Newest Risten2 is now running in/on the divvun.no server
  • filtering: not yet working
  • article display: nothing done, but Sjur & Børre can help
    • we need to add @pos to the xincluded translations (copy from entry pos) in the terminology data, this should be done as part of the XSL transformation

Next steps

The URL should be further simplified, to "divvun.no/risten":

  • Børre changes "risten2" to "risten" - DONE
  • Tomi changes "/#/risten" to nothing (ie it is default)
    • remove other tabs
  • Tomi to work further with filtering
  • Sjur & Børre to work on article display